The best place for teambuilding?

You use the accommodation in Třeboň as the most suitable place for your company teambuilding. Want to know more about your employees and colleagues? Do you need to cementate the team to serve better results as a squad? We will offer you an interesting program tailored to your needs! In our hotel you will be offered pleasant accommodation and tempting refreshments. Trained tutors with a rich experience will help you to tighten the corporate team. Team games, barbecues and competitions. This is the fun that awaits you!
Team experiences? How about catching a pond?
In the framework of teambuilding activities you can experience the catching of private pond in Třeboň. For the participants we arrange clothes and utensils, so everyone will be able to try the fisherman's work. And in the end you'll be grazed on fishermen! Passing the passport and gift is a matter of course.


Your kids only the best

Exclusive for your smallest

Children are different than adults. The children's world is different than the world of US adults. They differ in many ways, they also differ in clothing. At first glance, of course, the clothes for children are smaller and consume even less material. Who can understand the child's world, who will understand how to look for children's clothes, may come to the market with both quality and originality.
Baby clothes of various patterns and motifs

The offer of our shop is guaranteed to be satisfied. We offer from the smallest infant sizes and clothes for children under six years old. We offer original English brand and products of our production. Interesting offer and unusual baby clothes.
Children's world can be found here! Your baby clothes!

You do not have to run around the shops and look for which you will be satisfied. Visit our online store and you will be 100% happy. And your babies too. We understand them well!


Peace and privacy

Sometimes it would seem that people choose housing in attic buildings especially from the lack of other housing. That it is a variant suitable for young singles, or budding families that do not have enough resources to own a large apartment, or a new family house. This is a somewhat misleading view of the issue. There are also many older people who like to be accommodated in the area as far as possible to the normal urban industry, from the ground, closer to the sky, the sun, the clouds of the stars.
Artistic Supplies
Often they are also artists who place their studios in the attic space because of the abundance of natural light that can be easily obtained there.. In the studios, however, not enough light is dealt with mostly commonly used roof windows, but mostly by special, large-area, glass or translucent surfaces.


Beautiful vehicles according to your dreams

For all who want to drive a motor vehicle and do not know how to do it, we have a great offer. Our Driving school is happy to help you with learning, driving and getting driving licence, and only in the highest quality. We have beautiful vehicles in which you will learn to ride. Also, the lessons you get with us are very pleasant and understandable. Don't hesitate and come.

Learn to ride perfectly
Who wants to be able to ride in vehicles and control the basics of road traffic theory, let us see our super type. We offer teaching and driving, in beautiful vehicles and in the conclusion of your learning possibility to obtain a driving licence, according to your wishes and requirements. Our Driving school is the best way to achieve this and, moreover, for low price sessions. So don't hesitate and try it.


Now trading in Bitcoins

Perhaps every computer enthusiast who is interested in the virtual currency of Bitcoin and even has already acquired it, often prefers to pay for the various services and goods just this currency. The trading platform, which is recommended by us and which is very flexible, is trying to respond to such trends, so now it offers all traders the opportunity to enter binary option trades in this new virtual currency.
Use your Bitcoins
Bitcoins are now commonly accepted in many stores, not only in the Internet but also in the stone. Financial markets have also responded to this currency, and it is now possible to pay for binary options or trading with them in that virtual currency. So do not hesitate to use your bitcoins and do not leave them lying in your electronic wallet without any benefit and without any profit.


Unique ice cream from an international company

Ice cream-For many people only a favorite delicacy, which they indulge mainly in the summer. For us it is, however, a product that we have been producing for many years. Our production is based on quality raw materials that are reflected in the taste and smell of our ice creams and sorbets. At the same time, we are monitoring the development of technologies and modern storage facilities that will keep our ice cream fresh for a long time, offering your customers the best taste experience.
Ice cream that enchants your senses
Our approach can address not only our flavors or fragrances. It is also attractive to look at. Just take it appropriately, for example. A splatters of mint, a slice of lemon, a piece of quality chocolate, wafer or chopped nuts or almonds. With this adoration, our ice cream attracts the views of all your customers who surely resist their seductive lure and temptation.


Mainly practically

If you are tired of the unpractically solved surface of your home and you are looking for a change that will make your life easier, you are right here. Plzeň Flooring has a solution for you. You want the surface easy to maintain, resistant to damage and at the same time pleasant to the touch, but it seems to you unrealistic. It may seem like utopia, but we can fulfill such desires as well.
Choose According to your tastes
Be inspired by our experts. Arrange a non-binding meeting, consultancy service is a matter of course. Together we will look at your idea and find the ideal solution with which you will be satisfied. Let the doubts go away and plunge into your dreams with your feet first. Are you looking forward to a quick and comfortable cleaning, a pleasant feeling at the foot and a lack of fear of potential damage?


Repairs by Glass-Repair Kit

Autoglass Prague

Everyone knows. Even the slightest stone can fly into the windscreen, and the glass can be damaged, or completely shatter. These accidents are common and unfortunately they cannot be prevented. If this happens, there is no better way than to visit the Prague Autoglass, where it will repair or replace you in record time.
Autoglass Prague

The Prague Autoglass will cope with all the problems that can be met by your car windshields. We provide repairs and/or overall replacement of the car glass if there is really serious damage.
Lots of services

Carglass Prague offers you a lot of services related to your front and rear windscreens. We offer you tinting of windshield, mobile assembly, application of Nano-wiper, sale and installation of windscreen and especially nonstop service. A visit to our center is simply worthwhile and you can already be sure that you will leave us happy.


Free Work Classifieds

Finding a job is always very difficult. Whether you have any work experience or not, we will be happy to help you with your search. You can use our free work advertising website to view individual offers, where you will find everything you need.
Work is important to humans. Not only to earn a living and secure the family, but also to develop their own abilities and skills and to spend time productively. But we do not always manage to get a job offer that is suitable for us. That's why you need to constantly look for new options, such as free advertising.
Look for yourself the best offer for earning a free job advertisement, where you will be offered a lot of options.


We have been producing cabinets for more than 15 years

Built-in wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular and popular. It is not surprising, it is a phenomenon that replaces classic and growling cabinets. Saves space, money and above all makes it easy to store lots of things. The built-in wardrobes of Prague are a great choice for you, if you want to try out what advantages these modern cabinets can bring you.
We have a wealth of experience to help you get the best possible solution and design the Prague built-in cabinets that will suit your needs and wishes. We will do everything to make you happy.
Permanent market
We have been offering Prague's built-in wardrobes for more than fifteen years, so we have a lot of experience and qualities in this time. We offer you the best you can want, for great and fabulous prices that can't be resisting.