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19. 7. 2019 @ 8:51

Tips That Should Help You to Deal with You Stressed Dog

You can just imagine the level of distress your dog will experience considering how much physical and mental exhaustion your experience when you are stressed. If at all you thought dogs do not go through periods of stress, you need to change your thinking. By the mere fact that dogs are social creatures, they would quickly get depressed if they are separated from other dogs it was used to. The kind of scenario we have mentioned is known as separation anxiety and there are also so many other reasons that would cost stress to your dog. Other courses may include sickness, moving to a new location, loud sounds, death in the family and other common causes. There are symptoms you can be able to notice in your dog that will be able to tell you that it is stressed and some of them include eating less food, looking frequently exhausted and you will notice that has a weakened immune system. If you notice that your dog is exhibiting the signs of stress, there are a these facts you need to do.

The first thing you need to do if you have a stressed dog is to ensure that you talk to the veterinarian. You should not try to do anything or find alternative ways before you can consult the veterinarian who will be able to recommend the best way forward. It is critical for you to ensure that you speak out every single thing you notice about your dog to the veterinarian so that the right diagnosis is given from the onset. The veterinarian would know what to do in terms of either giving you medical solutions or simply holistic solutions and what you can do by this will be dependent on the information you give.

Another thing you can consider doing to you stressed dog is exercise. Another cause of stress in dogs that has not been mentioned is by keeping your dog tied up for too long. Worst of all, your dog can get anxious and signs of aggression if it is not exercised. For big dog, ensure that it has at least our lower of exercise in a single day and even make it more for young dogs and puppies. Other ways of releasing stress that you can consider using is taking the dog to dog parks, dog friendly beaches and also the option of socializing with other dogs.

In addition to that, behavioral training can greatly help to relieve stress in your dog. Most of the stressed dogs you come across are usually the ones that were not adequately trained in their puppy-hood which therefore causes problems later and thus you must consider behavioral training.

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