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17. 7. 2019 @ 5:51

Step Followed In Filling A Vacant Public Office

In public offices it comes as a great shock when the office holder resigns and this means that the position is left vacant. It follows therefore that the resigned officer must be replaced and this should be with a suitable replacement. The replacement process must follow a number of laid down steps and these include making sure the position is advertised and qualified candidates express their willingness to be considered through applications. A selection panel then undertakes to select a candidate who best fits to the position as per the existing procedures.

The selection panel is required by law to undertake an intensive grilling of the candidates. In this process, it means that the panel takes into considerations the professional qualifications and achievements of the candidates to pick the best for the position. Emphasis is given to the achievements by the candidate in the line of duty and in regard to the position at hand. Achievements that are in public domain are considered to have more weight in the quest. Relevance of the success to the target office however is also an important consideration with priority given to cases where there is deep relationship.

There are numerous causes for resignation among state officers. The most common in modern times is when the office holder abuses powers or even fails to uphold the ethical standards required of a public officer. Those seeking to make replacements must show indication that they are in a position to give the office the much respect and honor it deserves despite the resignation. It means therefore that the new office holder undertakes responsibility to continue running the affairs of the office smoothly and more so uphold integrity of the office as required.

Experience is one of the major considerations made when seeking for the best fitting candidates to fill a vacant position. It is for this reason that majority of interviewing panels give priority to candidates who service in the office previously and with an understanding of what it takes to deliver. Smooth operations of the office are therefore enhanced within the office and this is made possible with little or no time lost on training. The panel however needs to ensure that the select candidate meets all other requirements in order to consider them as the perfect choice in making the replacement.

It I paramount that the selection panel follows the procedure set for selection and appointment of persons to serve in various offices. For public officers, there are procedures stipulated by law that must be followed for one to be appointed. When this is not followed, the process becomes null and void. As such, it is importance to ensure there is in-depth knowledge of the practice and processes required.

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