Meet Our players

4. 5. 2019 @ 9:47

Want to know more about our representatives? Then turn us on and watch the tennis on line. You will find interesting interviews with them, also with their trainers. You will learn that Radek Štěpánek currently has problems with his feet and therefore the Australian Open cannot attend. But he believes he'll be ready for the first round in the Davis Cup. What about other players? Will they succeed?
We are looking for team competitions
We are accustomed to the excellent results of our representatives. They were always great to prepare and perform excellent performances. That's why our men ended up in the semifinals, and our women even won and became the best team in the world. Will it keep its position? We hope so, we have Petra Kvitová, Lucie Šafářová. We will offer you individual matches on the tennis on line.