Mainly practically

If you are tired of the unpractically solved surface of your home and you are looking for a change that will make your life easier, you are right here. Plzeň Flooring has a solution for you. You want the surface easy to maintain, resistant to damage and at the same time pleasant to the touch, but it seems to you unrealistic. It may seem like utopia, but we can fulfill such desires as well.
Choose According to your tastes
Be inspired by our experts. Arrange a non-binding meeting, consultancy service is a matter of course. Together we will look at your idea and find the ideal solution with which you will be satisfied. Let the doubts go away and plunge into your dreams with your feet first. Are you looking forward to a quick and comfortable cleaning, a pleasant feeling at the foot and a lack of fear of potential damage?


Repairs by Glass-Repair Kit

Autoglass Prague

Everyone knows. Even the slightest stone can fly into the windscreen, and the glass can be damaged, or completely shatter. These accidents are common and unfortunately they cannot be prevented. If this happens, there is no better way than to visit the Prague Autoglass, where it will repair or replace you in record time.
Autoglass Prague

The Prague Autoglass will cope with all the problems that can be met by your car windshields. We provide repairs and/or overall replacement of the car glass if there is really serious damage.
Lots of services

Carglass Prague offers you a lot of services related to your front and rear windscreens. We offer you tinting of windshield, mobile assembly, application of Nano-wiper, sale and installation of windscreen and especially nonstop service. A visit to our center is simply worthwhile and you can already be sure that you will leave us happy.


Free Work Classifieds

Finding a job is always very difficult. Whether you have any work experience or not, we will be happy to help you with your search. You can use our free work advertising website to view individual offers, where you will find everything you need.
Work is important to humans. Not only to earn a living and secure the family, but also to develop their own abilities and skills and to spend time productively. But we do not always manage to get a job offer that is suitable for us. That's why you need to constantly look for new options, such as free advertising.
Look for yourself the best offer for earning a free job advertisement, where you will be offered a lot of options.


We have been producing cabinets for more than 15 years

Built-in wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular and popular. It is not surprising, it is a phenomenon that replaces classic and growling cabinets. Saves space, money and above all makes it easy to store lots of things. The built-in wardrobes of Prague are a great choice for you, if you want to try out what advantages these modern cabinets can bring you.
We have a wealth of experience to help you get the best possible solution and design the Prague built-in cabinets that will suit your needs and wishes. We will do everything to make you happy.
Permanent market
We have been offering Prague's built-in wardrobes for more than fifteen years, so we have a lot of experience and qualities in this time. We offer you the best you can want, for great and fabulous prices that can't be resisting.


Bed linen

The bedroom is a room that we include with utmost care. Everything is in tune, everything is tightened to the slightest detail. Not only furniture, not only home accessories but also other small things are here to please our eye and cherished our body. And this also applies to bed linens.
Bed linen

If you want quality, you can find it in the E-shop TAC soft furnishings. Quality raw materials, modern production technology, quality workmanship. This is bed bedding brand TAC and other brands of well-known bedding manufacturers. Absolutely good quality goods at absolutely great prices.
Quality bedding for each bedroom

TAC Soft Furnishings for all those interested in quality bedding made of different materials, in different colours and with a variety of designs, offer products that meet the strictest criteria and are available at really low prices.


Frozen is available whenever you feel like

What's the best thing to do if you're being champed up? You'll be amazed, but it's ice cream. In addition, it is a really delicious delicacy, it has considerable benefits also for the organism. Both the calcium and the proteins contained therein are good for us, and the ice cream is not like chocolate-ice cream will "freeze" your taste buds, and you will remain only for two hoofs; While chocolate, you would surely not stick with two squares that have the same caloric value!
In the case of ice cream, you do not have to worry about your health or increase in body fat.
Summer Refreshment
Are you familiar with the thirty-year July day of a better cure than two scoop-cream ice cream? We don't! It is fortunate that even in the Czech Republic we encounter confectioneries and mobile ice cream shops on every corner. Still, all these species are of good quality, and there is no longer any luck to us.


For a few Murinova-great mens t-shirts

Are you looking for a nice and useful gift that would be suitable for a friend, husband or some other birthday party? You don't want to give them the same thing year after year, so you decided for men's T-shirts this time? They are both original and very practical.
Men don't like shopping, it's nothing unknown. And often it also happens that they will brighten their eyes when they see some clothes in their gifts. They automatically jump in, they don't have to squeeze between dozens of people in the store and they can be calm at home when they have new men's T-shirts.
Trendy flies…
Men's T-shirts can also be found on the website, but of course in the shops. Everywhere in September fashion, they are trendy, but of course there is also something for those who have a different style and do not shave multi-colored clothing.


Accommodation Mountains

The area of Šumava is really magical and appealing, but accommodation is expensive. Yes, the mountains are a popular tourist place, and accommodation in this area is not the eliest. We offer you at reasonable prices.
We will find accommodation in the mountains. You can search from a huge range of different accommodation facilities. You can browse our website quickly and easily. Everything is very simple and easy to handle. If any problem arises, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have also prepared an information line where you can ask questions about accommodation in a mountain or other accommodation in another area.
You don't have to cross the border
When you try Horysami you will see that you no longer need to go abroad for the experience of the beautiful nature. Just look around here with us.



Did you buy or inherit the property in the village? For many people, this is a real dream. So if you already have your own property, you will surely enjoy all sorts of modifications and works, whether it is a thorough reconstruction or just a huge picture of your own. You probably have a small workshop and you should not miss the quality racks.
First, it seems to you that the house is tremendously spacious and that it will fit everything. In addition, the garden, shed, workshop, maybe even a barn and a garage…. and so gradually it may happen that your recreational object will become a displace of everything you have nowhere to put in your city residence. You may begin to reassess what you really need and what you don't and start throwing away. But if you take the sturdy shelves, the ice will find its place beautifully.

Professional equipment
Workshop racks will find their use not only in manufacturing companies, but you can use them beautifully in a private building.


Have you already chosen from our offer of games?

Do you want to entertain your younger sibling or child who is playing your nerves and you don't know what to do with it? Find him with us on the site of some 1001 games that will entertain him. Entertain the whole family and seize your naughty children for a while.
Come take a look at our site 1001 Our MMO games we have in different types-action, breathing, logic, strategy, bouncing, shooting, adventure, animation, dress-up, for kids, for girls or boys and lots more. Try our games and enjoy a lot of fun.
You can also register with us, chat with friends or your teammates or opponents. Come play to us, you will never regret it, on the contrary, you always return to us and you will be with the taste to play games online for everyone.