Radio Impuls

4. 5. 2019 @ 9:47

Do you like to listen to radio during the day? And you know the pulse radio, anyway? Our radio will surely enjoy you, our radio will keep you entertained, uplift your mood and be your friend anywhere and anytime.
Tune in to the Impuls radio and you'll see that it suits you. Lots of quality and favorite music, lots of competitions, information and especially fun. Very popular radio Impuls will surely suit you.

We look forward to all new listeners and appreciate them

We look forward to all our new listeners, we look forward to your feedback, your comments. We look forward to becoming a loyal listener and competing with us in our favourite competitions. We appreciate your interest in our radio and we believe that we will fulfill your expectations. We are here for you, for your smile on your face all day, for your good mood and for letting you enjoy great music.