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19. 7. 2019 @ 8:55

What you need to know about Wedding Planning

Lack of finances and other logistics make a lot of people fear doing them. The following tips will help you plan for the wedding successfully even on a tight budget.

You need to have a spreadsheet where you will be planning the event. There should be two spreadsheets that needs to be used if you decide to use them. All the names of the guests expected at the wedding should be written in the guest list. On the other spreadsheet, you should indicate all the categories that will be required and leave spaces for costs and other important notes. You should have independent rows for each categories such as dress, venue, and refreshments. This is the only way that you can be able to calculate the totals and eliminate other items so that you remain within your budget.

You should also find the place where the wedding will be held. It is advisable for you to first look for the venue where you will be holding the event before you can decide on the dates. There is a possibility that most of your spending will go towards the venue. You should ask the venue management whether they provide drinks and other refreshments, although only a few of them can be able to do that. You should request for quotations indicating the services and prices provided in those venues, and you should prefer one that is closest to you. Since event venues rarely get booked for weekdays, booking for those days will earn you discounted prices. You should then look for a dress for the wedding. Wedding dresses can be very costly if you want the best quality, which makes it important for you to make considerations on your budget. In order to get time to fit and modify the dress, it should be ordered early.

You should budget and plan for the food that will be served to your guests, as well as the wedding cake. You will find it necessary to find an event that allows for outside catering. Organizing for the catering for your event will be better if the venue permits for outside catering. It is better for you to arrange for buffets at the reception because it is easy for people to select the food they want, as well as providing them with a variety of foods that they want. You don’t need to order for a very huge cake for the wedding because, after all, not everyone will be able to eat it. It is advisable for you to get a small cake which will be enough for the people close to you and your pride/groom. You should to find entertainers for the event. It is a big challenge trying to get dancers or DJs to entertain your guests. The success of the wedding will be gauged by the type of reception and entertainment the audience will get.

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