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19. 7. 2019 @ 8:57

How to Find the Best Candidate for the Job

Looking for the best candidate in the position you are advertising is an overwhelming task. There are more than enough option for the employees that are looking for jobs hence you will have to compare different qualification and values before you get the right candidate. There are candidates that have less experience in the job you are giving but can convince you why they are the best for the position while others have good experience and according to you s/he is also fit for the job. In case you are looking for the best ways to ensure you get the best candidate for the job here are the 5 tips to consider.

Seek for recommendations. Don’t ignore the word of mouth form the people that are near you. Before someone suggests a candidate for the task s/he should have worked with the employees in the previous years. You can ask for recommendations from the family members, relatives, other hiring managers, and friends. Although it might be true that the candidate is the best for the job, it’s imperative for them to apply for the job too before you could confirm them as your employees. The candidate is expected to be perfectly good for the job so that it will not affect the image of the person that referred you to the candidate.

You also need to mind about the candidate values and not the experience. Some years back, the best candidate had the skills in the field s/he is applying for. These days you should concentrate on the candidate values and not experience since there are candidates that have experience but hazardous in the company is absorbed. With the nature of the jobs we have nowadays, orientation is a must and therefore the candidate can learn how to works from that.

The paper qualifications is not the best criterion for hiring an employee. People that have achieved the best grades in the best universities normally have an ego and you might find it hard to deal with them. To avoid risks of suffering from blood pressures because of the papers the employee has look for a candidate with less attractive papers but provides a conducive environment for each of you and can be reliable at all times.

Have a pool of options for the candidates to hire. Applications only cannot give you the right candidate you are looking for. Interviews can take you much time though you always hire external recruits to carry out the process. The interview should aim at getting the personality of the candidate that fit the position by asking questions.

Although you expect millions of applications which can be overwhelming it’s important to ensure you pass through every application and select the best.

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