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19. 7. 2019 @ 8:50

Tips for Taking Care of Your Parents as They Age

Our parents are so precious for so many reasons among them the fact that they gave birth to us and nurtured us for a lifetime, not to mention unconditional love. Naturally, you would want to take care of your parents as they age, because this feels like parenting in reverse. Here are some tips and how you can go about that.

You need to know that your parents are okay and they also need to know that their child is okay, which makes frequent contact a great place to start. We sometimes can get busy and even forget when we last spoke to them, and this is why it is very important to even mark the calendar so that you have some point of reference. It is even better to video call them because this feels like you actually have visited. This is especially important if one of the parents recently passed to avoid the one alive falling into loneliness and depressions. You still, however, need to visit them, no matter how many times that you call them. Visiting then in person helps you see anything that is a miss, ensure that they are okay in terms of feeding, health care, and any changes.

You should plan for their elderly caring expenses in advance too because these can get really expensive. You should account for each and everything that they may need from the foods to the home safety modifications and the caregiving supplies. It will not be easy to talk to oy parents about the finances but this is a vital conversation. They should be aware of the potential financial exploitations and other abuse forms that they may face.

Networking is usually as important for the seniors as it is for you and this is the other thing here. Meaningful social contacts that can be through seeing an old colleague or friend and volunteering will help than a great deal once in a while and when you visit, you should research, find suitable social gatherings and encourage them to go. There is also the pets if they don’t already have them, which have been proven to be a great companion, reduce stress and make them feel loved.

Activities that you can do with them like go to the cinema gives them something to look forward to and a chance to spend time with you. The modern technology, if you can teach them, will add a valuable dimension to their social network too. Elder people are prone to falls and slips and to avoid this, you should consider installing safety features like stair and bathroom railings, bright light and accessible switches and a step stool among others. Lastly, you should remember that they are still your parents and while being watchful, you should not be overprotective.

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