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19. 7. 2019 @ 8:45

Categories of Birth Injuries Caused By Malpractice

The rate at which these birth injuries are taking place has increased in recent years. Keep into your mind that there are multiple categories of birth injuries and your child can be exposed to either of them. Keep into your mind that these birth injuries can occur due to the process being handled by people who are not professionals. Some of these birth injuries can cause issues to your child and can lead to death. You need to know that you can look for a birth injury attorney who will assist you in seeking compensation for these birth injuries. These birth injuries are such severe that they can affect the growth of your child. However, a lot of parents do not know how to go about with the issue, so they take it as normal. The article describe some of the birth injuries that you need to learn.

You will see that brain injury is one of the birth injuries that can occur during birth. You will see that when you have your child suffering from birth injuries, you need to understand that they lacked enough oxygen during their birth. These brain injuries can cause the child to have some conditions later in their future. You have to keep in your mind that these diseases that result from birth injuries are costly to seek for their treatments. You will see that these brain injuries will be as a result of the doctor who is taking care of your child not doing it the right way. You have to learn that some of these birth injuries will even last for many years while seeking treatment. You have to ensure that if you see the signs of these birth injuries, you need to ensure that you have the situation taken care of as early as possible.

Secondly, facial paralysis is another common illness that can be caused by malpractices during child delivery. This birth injury causes the nerves of your child to be damaged. This birth injury can go away to some children.

Thirdly, a subconjunctival hemorrhage is another type of birth injuries that you can come across. This birth injury can be noticed as you can see it in the eyes. This one of the birth injuries that will not stay for a long time compared to other categories of birth injuries.

You will see that fractures are also categories of birth injuries that can take place. These fractures do not also stay for a long time as they will heal with time if they are being monitored.

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