Vacations differently than you are accustomed to

4. 5. 2019 @ 9:47

Do you drive every year on vacation to the apartment to the sea? Are you aware that you have not been able to do this this year because you did not have what to do? Replace the stereotype in Croatia for fun in the Czech Republic! We advise you to visit Mácha Lake, which is suitable for a relaxing and actively spent vacation. We are happy to welcome couples, school classes, families with children and grandmother and grandfather to our cottage village. We offer cheap accommodation including meals.
Do not waste unnecessarily if you do not
Do you belong to so-called hikers, who spend their holidays all day on hiking and use their accommodation only for a sleeper place? In this case, do not spend the expensive hotels around Mácha's Lake and head to our cottage settlement. It is a very pleasant accommodation in the heart of nature.