Who doesn’t want to ever get bored

4. 5. 2019 @ 9:47

The editorial team that prepares the website takes care of every day that there is some novelty. Usually, you can find and update up to five news a day, so you can't tell us that we can't surprise you with anything. The games are divided into clear sections and the names tell you what the games are about.
You can't control people, but on the Web tanks online you can try it on cartoon characters that will do what you instruct them. You can play with them and treat them as they think. Of course, there are also so many popular Mario in the offer of supergames, so you will surely find distractions.

Pictures and videos
On the site of the supergame you will not find just super games as the name implies, but also funny videos of the bunch Happy free frenč and pictures for the background of your computer. So if you don't like to play something and think you can watch a crazy episode with us or change your wallpaper according to your mood.