10 Tasty Tongue Tattoos

The earliest recorded tongue tattoo was worn by Queen Kamamalu of Hawaii in the 1820s, as a mark of her grief over her mother-in-law’s death. Tongue tattoos are not common, as many tattoo artists are unwilling to ink the inside of a person’s mouth as the chance of infection is high.


Geometric Tongue Tattoo Design

Tongue tattoos can be tricky for tattoo artists  to apply, so simpler designs are often easier to ink into the skin. The tattoo design shown below is based on a geometric maze. It is lacking a specific subject and therefore acts as a decoration, not a statement, the way that many tattoos do.

Tongue Tattoo Geometric Pattern Design



Hello Kitty Tongue Tattoo

The Hello Kitty logo is a cute, stylized image that works well on small body parts such as the fingers, toes or tongue.

Hello Kitty Cartoon Tongue Tattoo



Text Tongue Tattoo

Text tattoos often turn out to be more aesthetically pleasing than tattoos that feature an image. This is because the eye is naturally drawn to text and the brain deciphers the meanings of words and symbols far more readily than those of images. The tongue tattoo featured below uses the word “hola”, a synonym for “hello”.

Hola Text Tongue Tattoo Design



There’s a DUDE on your Tongue

Like the above tattoo design, this text tattoo is easy to decipher. The bold, capitalized lettering in black ink adds to the clarity of this art work.

DUDE text tongue tattoo design



Magic Mushroom Tongue Tat

Amanita Muscaria, the “red with white spots” mushroom, is the most recognized mushroom in the world. It has been used in hundreds of children’s films and books, and is often featured as a secondary subject in fantasy art as a stool for fairy folk to recline upon. This is the legendary “magic mushroom” that causes hallucinogenic affects when consumed. It is said that this mushroom was eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Magic Mushroom Tongue Tattoo Design



Tongue Tattoo Loves You

The simple image of a heart is a symbol that is not bound to any one language, culture or religion. It has positive connotations and is one of the few non-confrontational symbols. Another example of a non-confrontational symbol is the smiley face.

Heart Tongue Tattoo Design



Peace to You, Tongue Tattoo

The peace sign became popular during the 1960s hippy movement. It has been used by many anti-war campaigns as a symbol of unity, freedom and of course, peace. The design is said to be based on a dove’s foot, which has been used to symbolize peace for centuries.

Peace Sign Symbol Tongue Tattoo Design



Tattoo Tongue Piercings

Tattoos and piercings are both body modification techniques. These methods are sometimes used together to create a certain effect with the finished modification. The body art shown below are examples of the combination of tattoos and piercings.

Tongue Tattoo Design with Piercing



Tongue Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoo designs are popular because a certain flower can have a personal meaning to the wearer of the tattoo, or it can simply be decorative. In this tongue tattoo, the flower designs are based on a simple daisy flower design, representing fun, peace and a carefree attitude.

Flowers Tongue Tattoo Design



Tattoo Artist’s Portrait on a Tongue

Tattooist Derek Campbell has the honor of forever being displayed on his friend’s tongue. The cartoon portrait shows the tattoo artist’s characteristic green hair and beard in this miniature tattoo¬†caricature.

Tattooist Derek Campbell Portrait Tongue Tattoo



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