The Dark Side of Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty  (Harō Kiti in Japanese), is a cartoon character designed by the Sanrio company to decorate clothing and accessories. The character is typically portrayed as having white fur and either a bow or a flower on one ear. The Hello Kitty cat has become a symbol for cuteness, which has inspired a number of art works that attempt to dispel the coochy cute appearance of Hello Kitty.


Hello Kitty Loves You…

…and wants your blood. These evil Hello Kitty doppelgangers are like a feline version of Chucky, the evil doll from the movie Child’s Play.

Evil Hello Kitty Emo Halloween Blood KnifeEvil Hello Kitty Trikky Munny Doll

Evil Hello Kitty Halloween Blood Knife Hello Kitty Murder Halloween Blood Knife



Hell Kitty

Naughty dogs go to Hello Kitty hell, where Hello Kitty demons and devils reign. Meow meow.

Evil Demon Hello Kitty Bad Little Devil Hello Kitty Evil Demon

Evil Hello Kitty Angel Demon Wings Zombie Undead Hello Kitty Gross



Emo Kitty

For a creature as cute as Hello Kitty, this little bobcat can sure be emo at times. Add a few design elements such as emo hair and make up, a lot of black and a dash of pink and voila! Emo Kitty is born!

Emo Hello Kitty Pity Cat Emo Hello Kitty Pink Skull

Emo Hello Kitty Kiss Ankh



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