10 Freakin’ Funny Tattoo Designs

Most tattoo designs are a statement of some kind, about religious beliefs, political statements or simply as a way to show allegiance to a place, person or idea. But there are some tattoo designs that are simply clever, crazy or a little kooky.


Why Men go Bald

Why do men go bald? Perhaps because there are little people (and goat kids) who cut their hair off each day. If you’re going bald, you might as well accept fate, have a sense of humor and get a funny tattoo.

Bald Head Lawnmower Funny Cool Tattoo Goat Eating a Guy Bald Head Tattoo Art

Bald Head Tattoo Art Cute Girl



Awesome Amputee Tattoo Humor

Not only did these people find the courage to survive an amputation; they managed to find some humor in their situation.

Funny Tattoo Piggy went to Market Art Humor Funny Tattoo Amputee Humor

Shark Amputee Funny Tattoo Art



Funny Body Part Tattoo Designs

Sometimes a body part just cries out for a humorous tattoo to complete it. The gaping belly button shown below was the perfect choice for a disgusting, mooning belly button tattoo, just as the joined toes were the perfect canvas for a cutting line design. Some tattoo designs take a little bit of planning, and a lot of maintenance, as in the picture of the hairy troll tattoo. The wearer of the tattoo has to shave the hair in that area regularly to create the troll’s hair style.

Cow Bum Funny Mooning Belly Button Tattoo Joined Toes Cutting Line Funny Tattoo Humor

Funny Tattoo Design Hairy Troll Humor

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