6 Surreal Stone Balancing Art Works

Stone and rock balancing requires large amounts of patience and in some cases, physical strength. This activity can be considered a hobby, an art, or a discipline, depending on what a person expects to gain out of balancing stones. 


Naturalism or Surrealism?

Many rock balancing art works are created in their natural environment; on beaches, mountains or in rivers. The natural surroundings, combined with the man-made art, give the stone balancing art piece an aspect of surrealism (sur - above).

Stone Balancing Natural Surrealism Art



The Human Stone

By balancing a small stone on top of a large stone, the appearance of a human form can be created. In the pictures above and below, this iconic representation of the human form can be seen. In both images, the stones appear to have a hint of personality and character, hovering on the cusp of becoming animated. Stone Balancing Nature Art Character



Shapely Stones

Combinations of unusual shapes appeal to the human eye, which is why many stone balancing enthusiasts will have a small collection of several uniquely shaped stones. Stone stacking art works are especially interesting when several different shaped stones are used, creating visual contrast and interest.

Impossible Stone Balancing Art Beach



Similar Stones

By choosing stones that have similar characteristics, a sense of unity can be created in the rock art. In the image below, although the shapes of the stones differ, they have a common design element; arcs. What is especially interesting about this rock balancing art work is that both stones are fossils.

Rock Balancing Art Surreal Nature Art




Colorful Klippe

(Klippe – Stones) Any design is made stronger with the use of contrasting or complimentary colors.

Rock Balancing Color Stone Face



Style Beyond Stacking

People have stacked rocks for centuries, as a way to mark paths, graves and boundaries. Rock balancing takes rock stacking out of the utilitarian realm, and moves it into the realm of art. It serves no purpose but to please the viewer and act as an expressive outlet for the creator.

In the picture shown below, the stones haven’t simply been stacked, they have been artfully arranged to create an aesthetic design.

Rock Stacking Style and Design

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One Comment to 6 Surreal Stone Balancing Art Works
    • Joch
    • Rock balancing has lately been spread worldwide, I guess, mostly because of the internet advent. I myself have learned a lot on this art just by visiting other artist sites and movies. The major added value of this art is that, besides giving the artist similar feelings and fulfillment of any other art, it creates a special bond between artist, viewer and nature altogether.
      Moreover, the fact that it is temporary (you cannot take it with you like a paint work, or keep it for ever. It is straightly dependent on the surrounding environment and it is usually for that moment only.
      Now, as any other art, each artist makes it a little different, so that after doing all kinds of meditation-like movies of balanced stones, I have tryed to give life to the dead rocks on the ground: see the “magic touch” on the following trip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DDla3s_-w0
      Hope you enjoy it. Joch.

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