Ink your Food with these Tasty Tattoos

These fanatical food lovers have declared their permanent affection for their favorite foods by having tattoos of the food stuff inked into their skin. It’s food art, even though it’s not edible.


Tattoos as Cute as a Cupcake

These cute cupcake tattoo designs were inked as a pair. In one of the foot tattoos, the cupcake is portrayed as “good”. In the other tattoo, the sweet treat is shown as evil, complete with it’s own skull and cross bones.

Good Evil Cupcake Food Tattoo Design



Eat Me, Sweet Tattoo

If The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland by the awesome Lewis Carroll is what tickles your taste buds, here’s a food tattoo design just for you:

Food Tattoo Design Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Sweet



Would you like Fries with that?

The term “hamburger” originates from the German city of Hamburg, from where many people emigrated to America. (The terms “frankfurter” and “wiener” are derived from the names of the cities; Frankfurt and Wien.) The hamburger has since become one of America’s favorite foods. It has become so popular that people are getting hamburger tattoos.

Food Tattoo Design Flaming Burger



Tattoo in a Tin or a Tin in a Tattoo?

This food tattoo design features a tin of Campbell’s condensed tomato soup. (Hope he didn’t forget the tin opener)

Food Tattoo Design Campbell's Tomato Soup



Bacon ♥

Do you love bacon? As much as this guy? This tattoo shows two strips of bacon in the shape of a heart – the international symbol for love.

Food Art Tattoo Design Bacon Heart

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