Jewelry made from Human Hair

Organic materials such as wood, sea shells and seeds are often used in jewelry design, to add interest to the finished piece. Jewelry designer Kerry Howley has chosen to use a unique organic material – human hair.


Attraction/Aversion Jewelry

Howley calls her collection of human hair jewelry pieces Attraction/Aversion. She states that she is attempting to portray how a person can feel conflicting emotions simultaneously. In order to do this, she has taken something that people seem to feel a natural aversion to; discarded human hair, and created something attractive out of it; an aesthetic piece of body decor.

Human Hair Jewelry Art Design Weird

Human Hair Jewelry Design Art Oddity

Kerry Howley Bizarre Human Hair Jewelry Design


Making Human Hair Jewelry

Howley weaves human hair in such a way that the yarn creates symmetrical patterns that are attractive to the human eye. The artist doesn’t trim the finished work, allowing stray strands to stick out of the pattern. This creates a peculiar, powerful combination of careful design and chaotic disorder.

Kerry Howley Human Hair Jewelry Design Necklace

Woman's Hair Jewelry Design Organic Art Style

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