Trippy Tattoos of Magic Mushrooms

There are thousands of poisonous mushroom varieties, many of which have psychedelic properties that induce hallucinations and distort the senses. These mushrooms are often collected and consumed for the express purpose of creating a “high” or trance-like state.


Realistic Magic Mushroom Tattoo

Amanita Muscaria is the famous red-with-white-spots mushroom that is portrayed in many children’s books and films. Its hallucinogenic properties have won it the infamous name the Magic Mushroom. Below left is a photograph of Amanita Muscaria growing outdoors. On the right is an image of a magic mushroom tattoo design. The tattoo artist has used highlights and shadows to create the illusion that the mushroom stands out from the skin.

Amanita Muscaria Magic Mushroom Hallucination TrippyPhoto Realistic Magic Mushroom Trippy Tattoo




Magic Mario Mushroom Tattoo

The creators of the famous Nintendo game, Mario Brothers, referred to the natural design of the Magic Mushroom for ideas when designing their Mario mushrooms. These come in a variety of colors, and are often decorated with white spots. Mario mushrooms are a popular tattoo design choice among gamers.

Magic Mario Mushroom Trippy Tattoos



Billy Bob Thornton’s Tattoo for “Angie”

Billy Bob Thornton sports a magic mushroom tattoo with the text “Angie”, in homage to Angelina Jolie.

Billy Bob Thornton Tattoo Angelina Jolie Magic Mushroom



Trippy Hippy Tie Dye Tattoo

“Tie dye” refers to the patterns created when clothing or material is tied and dyed. (But you guessed as much, didn’t you?) This Magic Mushroom tattoo design follows the slightly distorted patterns of tie dye, completing the tie dye effect by having the yellow and blue lines “bleed” into one another, creating green.

Psychadelic Tattoo Design Magic Mushroom



Ink in Wonderland

One of the more popular characters from Lewis Carroll’s children’s book Alice in Wonderland, is the hookah smoking caterpillar, who sits atop a magic mushroom and speaks in riddles. Walt Disney’s cartoon caterpillar character is often used in tattoo designs as it is the most beloved and recognizable of the caterpillar depictions to date. See more Alice in Wonderland Tattoos.

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Smoking Caterpillar on Magic Mushroom



Tortoise House with a Magic Mushroom Garden

The psychedelic effects of most hallucinogenic mushrooms include a heightened awareness and appreciation of color. So it is apt that a tattoo design of Magic Mushrooms be very colorful. The obscure and cheerful character; the tortoise in a top hat, is a perfect subject for a street drug that creates bizarre hallucinations.

Tortoise Magic Mushroom Tattoo Design Idea










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