Anatomy Tattoos: The Inside Story

If you’re too wimpy to grow some backbone, why not get it tattooed instead? Ever been told, “Have a heart”? Well, you can have as many as you want, with these anatomical tattoos of the human body, which ironically, are tattooed on┬áthe human body.


Inside Out Tattoo Designs

Anatomical tattoos are visual representations of the inside of the human body, whether it be bones, muscle or internal organs. Often, anatomy tattoos are placed to create an X-ray effect, showing the parts of the body that lie directly beneath the body art design. The inside out tattoo design below shows the muscles of the arm, as though the skin has been torn away from that area.

Muscle Tattoo Design Anatomy Freaky Bizarre



Open Your Heart Tattoo

The human heart is a surprisingly colorful organ, with contrasting colors of red and blue. These colors are aesthetically pleasing in tattoos. An interesting tattoo art work is created by contrasting the organic shapes of the heart organ with a man-made, repetitive pattern such as the zipper.

Anatomical Tattoo Design Heart Zip Woman



A Very Brainy Tattoo

This anatomical tattoo gives us a view inside this guy’s head. By using different shades of tattoo inks, the tattoo artist has cleverly given this design a natural, 3-D feel.

Anatomical Tattoo Design Brain Skull Inside Out



A Skinny Skeleton Tattoo

This anatomical tattoo shows the backbone and ribs, minus the muscle, fat and veins that make up the rest of the body. Because the skeleton tattoo design overlays the real body parts, the skeleton is animated when the person moves.

Anatomy Tattoo Skeleton Creepy Funny Backbone

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