Smart Street Artists create Clever Graffiti

Graffiti art often focuses on expressing the political or social expressions of the street artist, but sometimes the temptation to create a visual pun is too strong, and clever graffiti art designs are created as a result.


Calvin and Hobbes Sledding in the Streets

One of the most famous images of the popular comic duo, Calvin and Hobbes, is the picture of the friends tobogganing. This clever graffiti gives the image a new setting, allowing Calvin and Hobbes to sled in the streets.

Calvin and Hobbes Graffiti Street Fan Art Comic Funny



No Smoking in the Streets

This clever graffiti art work is both a visual pun and a statement of the artist’s view on smoking. This graffiti piece cleverly incorporates existing objects into the design.

Clever Graffiti Stop Smoking Art Cartoon



Giant Graffiti People

This graffiti design shows an image of two giant girls, crammed into a tiny building. The piece creates a spacial deception that is more effective when standing in front of the street art.



Hang Man Graffiti

Like the street ashtray graffiti above, this piece uses an existing object to create the desired effect; the character appears to be pinned to the wall by the peg.

Clever Graffiti Cartoon Character on a Spike



Street Puddle Olympics

These Tim Burton styled cartoon characters have been graffitied beside a street puddle, acting out a parody of an Olympic diving event.

Clever Graffiti Puddle Olympics Emo Burton Style Characters

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