A Photographic Travel Guide to Food Art

Food art is the art of making food decorative by dying the dish’s ingredients, carving them or arranging them in an artistic manner. A dish is first experienced through the eyes, which means that if we perceive a dish to be beautiful, we are more likely to believe it will be delicious.


Caribbean Food Art Photography

The Caribbean is famed for its tropical fruit, shown below in this food art photo. The fruit has been cut and arranged to create edible dolls of musicians. The photographer has managed to capture the personalities of the characters.

Caribbean Food Art Tropical Holiday Cruise Fruit



Food Art in France

France is a favorite travel destination due to its exquisite architecture, romantic ideals and world famous food. French food art often consists of bread or cheese, as these are firm favorites among the local french people. The photo below shows a delicious French food art display in whic the flower petals have been shaped out of thin slices of bread.

French Food Art Photography Bread Flowers



Photographing Food in the Phillipines

The Phillipino islands are famous for the beauty of their tropical beaches, sunsets and the local flowers. In this food art photo below, edible flowers have been arranged to create a beautiful, unusual salad.

Phillipines Travel Food Art Photography Flowers



Japan Masters the Art of Food Design

In Japan, the manner in which food is displayed is very important. For this reason, there are dozens of different edible art styles in Japan. Shown below is a photograph of a Wagashi food art display. Wagashi is a term that is given to sweet Japanese confectionery, often served as a dessert or a treat. Read more about Japanese Food Art.

Japanese Wagashi Confectionery Sweet Dessert Food Art



Thailand’s Tasty Food Art

Thailand’s tropical setting and delicious exotic foods attract thousands of visitors every year. Most food vendors will attempt to catch the eye of tourists by displaying carved fruit. This food art most often takes on floral or geometric designs.

Food Art Thailand Watermelon Fruit Carving Edible

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