5 Funny YMCA Spoofs

The song Y.M.C.A was released by The Village People in 1978 and quickly shot to the top of the music charts. Decades later, the song and it’s accompanying dance is still popular, and has inspired a number of funny spoof images.


The Blonde Version of the YMCA

In this YMCA spoof photo, four grinning girls pose their arms to create the letters Y,M,C and A. It must have been a blonde’s idea, though, because the word is inverted. The brunette should have known better. Unless she’s just an undercover blonde.

YMCA FAIL Blonde Spoof




Star Wars YMCA

Stormtroopers are highly recognizable characters from the Star Wars films. They have been parodied in dozens of Stormtrooper fan art works, giving any spoof a humorous aspect with their ridiculous plastic armor.

Stormtrooper YMCA Spoof Funny



YMCA, it’s Harder in Other Languages

This funny demotivational poster shows several soldiers performing martial arts, with the caption, “YMCA, it’s harder in other languages.”

YMCA its harder in other languages Demotivational Poster spoof



Jesus Blasphemous YMCA

This image uses a sculpture of Jesus Christ to create the Y letter in the sequence. The grinning people who make up the rest of the abbreviation have used distance in the image to create a funny optical illusion; although the statue of Jesus is enormous, the distance between it and the foreground figures makes it seem smaller.

Jesus YMCA Funny Blasphemy Photo




Funny Jesus Christ YMCA

Like the photo above, this demotivational poster uses Jesus Christ’s outspread arms to create the Y in YMCA. The label on the poster states, “BLASPHEMY, a ticket to hell has never been funnier.”

Jesus Christ Crucifixion Funny YMCA Blasphemy

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